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There was a chrome ring which was hinged at the bottom. However, her instructions didn't allow for this and he didn't want to deviate. He could feel his cock moving but couldn't feel her touch. He could smell the beautiful scent of her wet pussy. She pulled her panties to one side and pressed her wet pussy onto his mouth. Fuck me with your tongue; it's bigger than your useless little cock! Her pussy was dripping and her continued to lick her. Unfortunately his cage was working perfectly and he hadn't felt a thing. She began to type her own message into the dialogue box – "We are a married couple in our early 30's. He didn't even know she had a MSN messenger account! She moved him away from the camera and she sat back down. "If you are good I might allow you to play with your cock like this later! Without any warning, the guy pulled down his boxers to reveal his hard cock. He pussy was wet and her finger found her clit and began to stroke.

Once this baby was on there would be no getting it off, without the key. It dawned on him that he had still not seen or heard from his wife. He was desperate to stick his head around the door and say hello. She took his caged cock in her hands and began to play with it. " she climbed off of him, turned around, and straddled his face. Then it happened, she moaned with pleasure and as she climaxed pressed her pussy into his gaping mouth so he had some difficulty breathing. He enjoyed pleasuring his wife, but he also enjoyed a little pleasure himself. She grabbed his caged cock and moved the key towards the padlock. She logged onto the chat room as 'incontrolwife' and watched as the chat messages started to scroll up the screen. He saw her log out of the chat room and log into MSN messenger. Come here and stand in front of the camera fuck toy so he can see! He felt completely humiliated by a strange man seeing him like this. Watching a complete stranger like this began to excite her and without thinking she slid her hand inside her panties.

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The ring was tight but he managed to get it closed. He was starting to warm up and although not erect his cock was starting to grow again. He left the bathroom and walked along the corridor to their bedroom where he knew his wife was waiting for him. His wife was waiting for him and she looked amazing. She was wearing a matching black bra and panty set. The bra she was wearing pushed her breasts together creating an enticing cleavage. His cock expanded in its cage and pressed tight up against its restraint. She climbed up from the bed for a closer look at his caged cock. She slid her fingers slowly backwards and forwards along the steel. She moved away and as she did for the guy on the screen she exposed her breast by pulling down her bra. He bent over and placed her nipple into his mouth sucking and nibbling as he knew she enjoyed.I’ve been using this time to view some very talented looking mature girls on their live cams.