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11-Oct-2017 12:54

' Bella was actually proud of the way her room was presented as she wrote: 'This is the cleanest my room has ever looked btw.'The Blended star is currently dating rapper Mod Sun.

Spike Lee imagined the life of a fictional young, independent, polyamorous, black woman living in Brooklyn and trying to navigate relationships, work, and adult life on her own terms.

But the show makes it seem as though any criticisms of Darling are due to the fact that she embraces her sexuality and has multiple partners—and I don’t really buy it.

I have shared with you how wedges keep my feet really balanced on the wheelchair footplate.

Now, more than 30 years later, Lee has rebooted the story as a 10-episode series for Netflix.

The plot follows the original movie closely, centering on Nola Darling (De Wanda Wise) and her three male partners, Jamie Overstreet (Lyriq Bent); Greer Childs (Cleo Anthony); and Mars Blackmon (Anthony Ramos).

Many eagle-eyed fans had something to say about her bed which was a mattress on the floor enclosed by a tepee.

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One user said that their childhood would have been better with that sleeping set-up as they wrote: 'i would have loved that bed when i was 5.' An Instagram user also posted: 'Wtf u sleep in a wigwam so rad' Another big Bella fan wrote: 'Having a bed as a tepeeeee is goals.' Others thought that Bella could use a little help cleaning her room as a user said: 'Do you clean your own room @bellathorne or do you have help?

Part of the flaw here is that Lee’s relying too heavily on the framework he created for the character three decades ago. Darling calls the men in her life out for thinking they know the “real her” when they’re only dating their own contrived visions of her.