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Why did mom iron on those patches in the knees or our jeans or stitch the seams? Why did we have shoe repair places around almost every neighborhood? Dishwashers that lasted 10 years (even though it was horrid green or yellow on the outside) worked great on the inside but today’s models start to go between 1-2 years.Because the shoes were great and it was less than 1/4 the cost to resole or repair and the rest of the shoe was in GREAT condition. But for the past 20 years, we spent and spent AND spent but buying and rebuying the same things. Extended warranty’s on so many small electronics are half the cost or more of buying a new one.Think about this, we have become a disposable society. In years past, your used TV or Sofa or Clothing was worth a lot more than it is today. Now that it’s broke, we can’t fix it because it costs too much to fix.In fact, back then what you paid for it used, you now can buy it new for today in many cases. But we also can’t buy a new one becasue WE are broke. Then the moneygrubbers, er uh brokers, found a way to make more money with paper. Well just like our consumer goods in durables that AREN’T durable crashed, so too did the markets right along with mfrg.Nothing like making payments on something you don’t have anymore AND making payments on the new one you bought to replace it! We need to return to quality of yesterday regardless that it costs more.Factories need to plan and work their production according to what is NEEDED and can be sold rather than build it and try to sell as may as possible. Let the big money brokers lenders and financial markets crash! It was stupid for us to spend WAY over a TRILLION DOLLARS and AGAIN WE HAVE NOTHING FOR IT BUT DEBT!!!! The internet is FULL of free expert guidance on just about anything!

Alex Nepomnyaschiy was the big winner, collecting over 100K with the victory.The always entertaining and often controversial Eugene Todd collected his second PTPR Score of the season, finishing fourth in this event.