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04-Aug-2017 09:02

Her response is submissive: "If you say so."So, why don’t we just make our AIs genderless?That’s exactly what the creators of newer virtual assistants, such as KAI, are doing.Some people say the only way to stop online harassment is to stop going online. Reclaim Your Domain is Refinery29's campaign to make the internet (and the world of outside it) a safer space for everyone — especially women.Alexa — Amazon's freestanding virtual assistant — doesn't wear or own any clothes, she can't (physically) feel horny, and she doesn't weigh a single pound.Until then, it’s up to us to give the companies that develop AI feedback when it crosses the line into gender stereotypes and sexism."We do a lot of tweaking of how Alexa responds to a variety of questions, both culturally and factually, as time goes on," said the Amazon's spokesperson."To do this, we use a combination of customer feedback, and overall research on how Alexa is received by customers." You can similarly give Apple and Microsoft feedback on their AIs.In one Apple ad from 2012 — a few months after Siri launched on the i Phone 4s — Samuel L.Jackson goes through a series of commands, before telling Siri, at the end of the ad, that she can take the night off.

And, according to Bloomberg, only 13.7% of the attendees at one of 2015's biggest conferences on artificial intelligence were female.But many of those skip having a personality altogether.

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